As the morning turns into afternoon, the heat becomes unbearable. Sammus takes off her armor suit, resting it next to the pod as she sits inside and turns on the air conditioning. Within moments she drifts off to sleep.

* * *

She is awakened in the middle of the night by a large explosion just a few feet from the pod. Another bomb goes off seconds later, closer this time. Grabbing a gun that rests next to the control panel, Sammus races out of the pod as a third explosion engulfs the ship and her armor in flames. She continues running down the highway for several miles, clutching her gun and trying to ignore the burning in her thighs and chest. As she slows down, she is overcome with a sense of dread. Now she has no communication with mission control and worse still, the armor that has always protected her is gone. How will she find Light Sammus like this? More importantly how will she survive at all?

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