Pity Party

After a lengthy conversation with the defector from Light Sammus’ team, Sammus leaves the camp and heads in the direction of Light Sammus’ underground compound. Within several hours she is deep within a forest. Through the foliage she can spot an armed guard. As she plots her next move a fog begins to settle around the area. Suddenly her throat begins constricting and she falls to the floor.

* * *

When Sammus reawakens, she is draped in darkness. Her back is pressed against a cold smooth surface, and her arms are stretched above her head with a set of chains at her wrists tethering her to the wall. She takes a step forward, tugging at the shackles but stops as soreness begins radiating through her upper body. Cold, confused, and exhausted, she breaks down and begins to cry. Suddenly she jumps as she detects the sound of chains moving in close proximity. “Who’s there?” She whispers. After a violent coughing fit, the other person introduces himself as Open Mike Eagle, a bounty hunter who had met his fate similarly, collapsing after an encounter with a poisonous agent and awakening to find himself in this cell. He continues, lamenting that he doesn’t know who has captured them, he’s not even sure how long he’s been in captivity and that only once every few hours an armed guard comes in to take him to eat and relieve himself. “Next time they come,” he assures her, “I’m making a break for it.” For the next few hours they woefully exchange stories. Suddenly they hear the sound of approaching footsteps and keys jingling. Out of the darkness a rectangle of light appears as a door across the room opens. The silhouette of an armored guard appears. She glances over at Mike Eagle who looks back at her and nods.

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