Nu Clothes

By morning, Sammus has come upon a settlement deep in the forest. The encampment is spotted with tents consisting of tree branches, and animal hides. A group of roughly 10 men and women sit around the last embers of a camp fire in the center of the grounds, talking amongst themselves as children run around, laughing and pretending to spar. As she crouches behind a bush she overhears two individuals discussing the potential whereabouts of Light Sammus’. She waits for nearly an hour until she feels satisfied that they will not hurt her. Clutching her gun she steps out into the clearing as everyone turns towards her. “Hello…Don’t be alarmed! I’m an ally…” she says as she begins to grow dizzy. The world quickly fades to black.

* * *

She awakens lying on a bed of grass in one of the tents, a young woman fanning her with a fan made of reeds. An older woman sits next to Sammus cross legged pressing a cool cloth against Sammus’ head. “Welcome back,” the elder smiles as Sammus sits up slowly. The two exchange stories for over an hour, as young men, women and children poke their heads into the tent out of curiousity. “So you’ve got a lead on where I can find Light Sammus?” She asks as the old woman nods. “A defector who recently joined our camp provided us with a map straight to the center of Light Sammus’ operation. He knows most of the access codes. He’s out hunting right now, but when he comes back I’ll connect you two.” Sammus smiles weakly shaking her head. “You know…I don’t even know what I’ll do if I do find Light Sammus at this point. My armor was destroyed in an explosion and all I’ve got is a gun and a little bit of ammo. I need my armor to survive,” she laments as the old woman pats her arm. “Listen child. You came into this world with all the tools you’ll ever need to be successful. You never need anything else.” Sammus sits for a moment pondering her words, as the old woman stands up and shuffles to the other side of the tent.

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