As the guard begins to unchain Open Mike Eagle, Eagle attempts to kick him in the stomach. Without a moment’s hesitation, the guard fires at him in the heart, killing him instantly. Sammus stares at his body, bewildered as the guard turns to her. “The boss wanted to meet with you anyways, so let’s go. And no funny business either.” She says nothing as he begins to unshackle her from the wall.

* * *

The guard leads her down a dark corridor, her hands cuffed behind her back, until they arrive at a large white door at the end. He types in a passcode onto the keypad next to the door and in seconds it shoots open. Across the room stands a person in full body armor, arms crossed. They step into the room, the door automatically shutting behind them. “Take off her cuffs and leave us!” She barks, as the guard nods, unlocking Sammus’ chains. After typing in a passcode he hurries out of the room as Sammus stands, throat dry, eyebrows furrowed. Light Sammus laughs, disrobing from her armor suit. “You know I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!” She pulls off her helmet and Sammus’ heart stops. Standing before her is an exact clone of herself, wearing a menacing grin. Light Sammus pulls off the rest of the suit as Sammus shakes her head slowly. Before she has time to make sense of the situation, Light Sammus lunges at her, fists balled. Crossing her arms across her face, Sammus blocks Light Sammus’ first attack. They immediately begin sparring in a tet-a-tet bout that lasts for nearly an hour. Unsurprisingly the pair seem exactly evenly matched. How can Sammus win in a battle against herself?

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