After several hours walking aimlessly around the city Sammus returns to her pod to provide an update to mission control. Before she has a chance to say anything Captain Casey exclaims, “So glad to hear from you! Good news, Sammus.” She waits for a moment before telling him to proceed. “I just received a call from the Intergalactic Defense Council. Because of your excellent work in the field they want to award you a medal of honor.” Sammus smiles. “Well that’s great Captain—“ “That’s not all,” he interjects. “They’re offering you a position as a commanding officer in their standing army. You could get out of the field once and for all and do what you’ve been doing for the past year on a larger scale! I’ll prepare the champagne up here,” he chuckles. Sammus’ smile fades as she considers what she’s just heard. After a long silence, she sighs. “Tell them I must decline their offer.” Before Captain Casey can get in a word, she continues, “In the ten minutes of fighting I’ve had here, I felt a rush like I’ve never felt before! They’ll have to drag me out of the field kicking and screaming. I can never be a paper-pusher. That’s just not me. Anyways, just wanted to let you know I was okay and that I haven’t had much luck with any leads yet.” Without waiting for a response she signs off.

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