Another M was voted one of the top 14 albums of 2014 by Ithaca Journal music writer Jim Catalano. Check out the lead single — Crown — and then purchase the project below. Armed with an infectious hook sung by Sammus and effortless flow rapped over a relentless dance beat, “Crown,” stands out as Sammus’ most danceable anthem to date. On the track, Sammus delivers deadpan yet confident taunts about the game’s two main bosses — Ridley and Kraid — and Samus’ unrelenting ambitions to snatch Mother Brain’s crown for good.

You can find “Crown” on Sammus’ afrofuturistic concept EP, Another M, available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Loudr and all other digital DSPS [NuBlack Music Group]. If you feel like rapping along, check out the annotated lyics on Rap Genius.


“Fiery rapping and cool beats from this Cornell doctoral candidate turned hip-hop hero, who’s making waves in the national nerdcore scene and beyond” – Ithaca Journal

“It’s as if each song serves as a different level on the project, creating a perfect atmosphere for Sammus’ confident flow to deliver lines on everything from feminism, pop culture, and other video game references.” – Buffablog

Each time I listen to the EP I’m able to unpack more hidden meaning to the words she’s penned, and I’m given more food for thought.” – Scratched Vinyl

“Beatmaking rap superhero SAMMUS lets loose on her 3rd major project.” – Only Hip Hop

“She…has really great flow, with strong vocals that would make this a great album even without understanding the story or references at all.” – Fandomania